Which is the Best Charleston SC Beach?

August 6, 2022
Charleston SC Beach
Folly Beach, SC

Charleston, South Carolina has most anything you could want from a city… and then it has beaches. Where else in the USA can you marvel at historical architecture, eat an affordable gourmet meal, and then lay yourself down on a splendid stretch of sand? Savannah? Saint Augustine? The list is short. In this article we’re going to look at five beaches in the Charleston area and decide which one is the best Charleston SC beach. Here we go!

1. Botany Bay / Edisto Beach

Charleston SC Beach

Botany Bay Plantation Heritage Preserve on Edisto Island (that’s a mouthful) is the most unusual beach we’ve ever visited and therefore earns the title of best Charleston SC beach (map). It would be easy to give the designation to Folly Beach or Isle of Palms, two popular beaches fronted by mansions and restaurants. However, we are drawn to distinct, one-of-a-kind places around the country, and while Driftwood Beach isn’t the only dead tree sanctuary on the East Coast, it is the most haunting and spectacular of them all. In fact, it is one of the best things we’ve seen in our US travels.

When you first set foot on Driftwood Beach you might think you’ve landed on another planet, or stepped back in time. It is the work of Medusa; the trees are dead and upright like your co-workers on a Monday morning. Spend the day climbing around and picnicking with the kids. Walk northward to the bay and largest part of the beach — Here you will find an assortment of beautiful shells adorning every branch and stub on every tree. As tempting as it may be to sneak a shell or two from the beach, there is a $285 fine, hence the avid exterior decoration. Click for more words and photos…

Charleston SC Beach

2. Folly Beach

If a day of sunbathing and boogie boarding fits your agenda, or perhaps a simple afternoon inspecting the swimsuits of fellow beachgoers, then Folly Beach is your kind of place. This is our favorite Charleston SC beach to frequent because it reminds us of a California Beach (without all those — ahem — Californians). We can say that because we’re self-loathing Seattleites who blame our neighbors down the road for all our problems. It’s a west coast thing.

The town of Folly Beach is terrific for shopping and eating foods. The vibe is summery. They have two fantastic surf shops for all your hat and t-shirt needs. The houses are large and beautiful. And the streets of Folly Beach are practically as nice to stroll as the the beach! Everything here is clean and relaxed — an ideal scene for families and co-eds.

3. Sullivan’s Island Beach

Charleston SC Beach

On the North Side of Charleston Harbor is Sullivan’s Island (map). This is a wealthy corner of the city where the houses are extra large and the beach feels almost private, (but it’s not — it’s for all of us to enjoy). The north end of the island runs flush with Isle of Palms, and on the south end of the island is Fort Moultrie, of Civil War fame. These photographs were taken at the south end looking toward downtown Charleston.

Sullivan’s Island has the locals-only feel in the best possible way: Lowkey crowd, a little bit of shopping, a couple of restaurants, nice house along the beach, and a whole lotta sand. You can walk for miles here and see very few people (mostly fishermen).

Charleston SC Beach

4. Isle of Palms

Beaches of Charleston

Isle of Palms isn’t all that different than Sullivan’s Island — a small inlet is all that separates them (map). It’s a little closer to civilization and has more commerce, so it feels more commercial, (which is why we ranked it lower). Nonetheless, the quality of beach and opulence of mansion are every bit as nice as Sullivan’s, and some consider this the best Charleston SC beach.

We witnessed a baptism while we were here the day these photos were taken. A large group of African women wearing white were out in the ocean singing songs and looking incredibly conspicuous. It was amazing. We would also recommend the Acme Lowcountry Kitchen, which is easy to find on Isle of Palms. They have excellent food.

Beaches of Charleston

5. Kiawah Beach

Beaches of Charleston

Kiawah Island is a golf mecca of akin to Hilton Head Island to the south. Everything appears homogenous on the island, and honestly, we find Kiawah a bit dull. The island is not without its merits, however. The beach is nondescript, but on the far south shore where the Kiawah River separates Kiawah Island from Seabrook Island you might find a flock of pelicans to harass. It’s a cool, remote corner of the island, but there’s something even better going on here.

Kiawah Beachwalker Park has a very interesting inhabitant, the river dolphin, and the river dolphin is up to some interesting things. The dolphins in these parts perform what is referred to as “strand fishing” to catch their meals. It is a rare behavior where the dolphins swim in a circle to surround a school of fish before pushing them onto the beach with a “team-effort” wave of water. Then, once the fish are flopping on the sand, the dolphins beach themselves and feast like college students without any hands. What. The. Heck. That’s pretty darn awesome. Well, we visited twice — at the correct times — and they weren’t performing either day. So we self-medicated with excellent fried chicken at the Blue Water Gas Station.

An Honest Conclusion

Beaches of Charleston

Charleston, SC is a special place for many reasons. We love it here and will return again and again over the years. A big part of our love for the city are the beaches, and I think most Charlestonians will agree.

If you’re in town for a weekend to check out the historical sights, a trip out to Folly Beach is a no-brainer for a pleasant afternoon. If you’re here a little bit longer, we would encourage you to make the drive to Edisto Island for Driftwood Beach. It will live in your memories forever.

We hope you enjoyed the article and invite you to peruse our website for other travel destinations, tips, and stories of life on the road. God bless, y’all!

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