Botany Bay on Edisto Island SC

February 15, 2022
Botany Bay, SC

Driftwood Beach at Botany Bay, SC, is the relic of an oceanside forest. A maritime woodland fallen to erosion.

It is a mind-bending scene. A true wonderland.

From the parking lot, an oaken forest becomes a golden swampland, which blends into a jungle of palmettos. And then…

Botany Bay, SC

Dead in their tracks, like the work of Medusa.

Botany Bay, SC

So I ask the trees, as I ask my coworkers… if you are truly dead inside, how do you stay upright?

Botany Bay, SC

A family feast at the edge of the world — Botany Bay, SC.

Botany Bay, SC

Shooting into the sun turns an interesting scene into something creepy.

Botany Bay, SC

Tree yoga, warrior pose. Eat your heart out, California.

Botany Bay, SC

If eyes are the window to the soul, this soul has some explaining to do.

In case you are wondering, in this analogy the “eye” is the fallen tree that frames the photo, and the “soul” is the jumbled mess of sticks in the background. If I have to explain it I haven’t done a very good job to begin with.

Moreover, don’t all of our souls have some explaining to do? Why do we care so much about what others think? Or allow ourselves to become addicts? We are a sophomoric lot. Wouldn’t life be easier if we were all dead trees on a beach?

Beach patrons pay respect by cutely placing shells on the branches of the relics.

A chest of colorful jewels would cause our hearts to leap for fortune. Beach treasure stirs parts within as well; not to keep and be made rich, but to embellish and pass along.

Driftwood Beach is fine in a lovely and profound way.

Botany Bay, SC

And so is this woman.

Botany Bay, SC

If you have never been to Botany Bay, SC (map), we encourage you to stroll this dramatic seascape. It is positively, without question, one of the greatest beaches we’ve ever experienced

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