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February 1, 2021
The Hoffmann's enjoy Cannon Beach, again!  Cannon Beach is the top thing to do on the Oregon Coast.  Hoff to See the World.

We are so happy you are here! There are so many places on the internet you could be right now, and you chose to spend a moment with us. Thank you!

We are the Hoffmann’s, a family of six from Seattle, Washington.

Our conundrum is this: As individuals, Ryan and Monica love to travel, but as parents, we have two boys with autism and two more kids with ADHD. True story. We also have careers, own a home, and our parents aren’t getting any younger.

These aren’t the easiest years to wander planet earth, but this is exactly what we feel inspired to do!


If you want to read our story and get to know us, click here!

International UFO museum and research is the best place to visit in Roswell, New Mexico.  Hoff to See the World loves aliens.

So why create the Hoff to See the World website?

We started this website for three primary reasons:

1. It will make an amazing scrapbook for our family.

2. Our research, planning, and photos seem to inspire those around us.

3. We want to share what we’ve learned about traveling with special needs children. Maybe your children aren’t special needs, still it’s hard to take them in public. We empathize.

Honestly, we have surprised ourselves by creating this website. If you would like to know more about why and how we did it, you can read about how Hoff to See the World became a blog.

Cathedral Spires hike in the Black Hills region of South Dakota is a top five thing to do in the Black Hills.  Hoff to See the World loves hiking.

Being on the road as a family gives us ample opportunities for teaching moments. We believe in making mistakes — it’s how we learn and keeps us laughing. Over the past five years we have figured a few things out by spending so much time away from home. Here are our Ten Guiding Principles on the Road.

Travel Destinations

Dad and Halea pose on the beach.  Destin, Florida is the top beach in the contiguous US.  Hoff to See the World loves beaches.

Here you will find information about places to visit and things to do:

Things to Do in Saint Louis

Things to Do in San Antonio

Things to do in Washington state

Things to do on the Oregon Coast

Things to do on Hawaii, Oahu

Disney Land or Disneyworld?

For More Destinations, Click Here

Resources and Tips

Rainbow over Niagara Falls.  Hoff to See the World loves waterfalls.

Here you will find a mix of things we’ve learned that we think is useful information.

Don’t be Afraid to Buy a Motorhome: Be Very Afraid and Buy One Anyway

5 Good Reasons to Begin Roadschooling Today

The Right Hawaiian Beach for Your Argument

Coast to Coast USA: An Interstate 40 Odyssey

Our Ten Guiding Principles on the Road

Is the Sedona Vortex Real?

For More Resources and Tips, Click Here

Musings from the Road

Monica poses in front of Mt. Rainier.  Pinnacle Peak is a top ten hike at Mt. Rainier National Park.

Here you will find blog posts about our experiences parenting, adventuring, and organizing a life on the road with special needs children.

Parker Finally Gets Church!

Who Wants Turkey Surprise?

Like a Rolling Stone

This Is Why

Prison Parker

The Special Path We Walk

To Read More about Monica’s Musings, Click Here

2 responses to “Welcome to Hoff To See The World!”

  1. Cheryl B says:

    I first found your articles about Charleston and found them so helpful in planning our trip next May. I couldn’t believe you would be so generous and spend so much time helping others, especially with a family requiring so much special attention. And then I read that we belong to the same church – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It all makes sense and made me very happy and tearful. Thank you, thank you, for your service! Now I can’t wait to read all your tips about other vacation possibilities.

    • rudolf says:

      This makes me so happy, Cheryl. Thank you for the affirmation. You are correct that writing these articles takes a good deal of time — the family is supportive of it, mostly, as long as the testimony of family and Christ is clear. We absolutely loved Charleston and we hope you feel the same way. Our ward in Ladsen, SC was one of all-time favorites. Thanks again, Cheryl. God bless you! Let us know if you have any questions.

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