Savannah Beach GA: Tybee Island Date Night

April 19, 2022
Savannah Beach GA

Tybee island, also known as Savannah Beach, GA, is a restful beach town with a gentle ocean and relaxed vibe. Because it is home to over three miles of clean, wide beaches, Tybee has remained a popular vacation spot since the late 1800s (Map).

After beating your soles against the historic streets of Savannah, this Georgia barrier island makes the perfect, relaxing, couples escape.

And by couples, we mean our daughter came along.

Savannah Beach GA
A couple of ladies telling dad what to do.

Who doesn’t want to spice up their married life with some prepubescent sass? If you’re lucky it’ll rub off on the wife. Then you can spend the day galivanting with two angsty girls instead of one.

I’ve always found that complaints of cheapassery ring truer in stereo. It’s a more robust, fuller sound that reverberates through my person and trembles my wallet.

“I can now see that we needed those matching swimsuits. Because you were wearing swimsuits already i figured this was settled science. But I didn’t understand that because you already owned them they needed to be replaced. I now understand how this is important.”

Savannah Beach GA

Be sure to stroll along the Tybee Island Pier at sunset (map) (sunset times). It’s an amazing light show with a hang ten vibe.

Best of all, the pier’s sturdy railings can support even the heaviest of pouters with the pointiest of elbows. Savannah Beach GA was built for this. Georgians knew the tyrannical reign of daughters would last for generations.

Savannah Beach GA

There really is something sexy

about clinging to the one you love and commiserating about the behavior of your children. The dialogue goes something like this…

“Are you as scared of her as I am?”

“Yes. More.”

“How did we get into this situation?”

“We had sex 13 years ago.”

“Let’s not make that mistake again.”

Savannah Beach GA

As the sunlight fades and the sky becomes a tangerine, imagine the monthly orthodontist bill in your immediate future.

And as you weep from exasperation, tumble your toes along the edge of the surf. It’ll be colder than you’d prefer, but so are your daughter’s responses to your gestures of love and adoration. You’ll get used to it in no time.

Tybee Island Savannah Beach GA

Take a glance around town and you’ll likely find it a bit run down. There’s nothing wrong with that — towns like Savannah Beach GA are always that way.

Take a glance in the mirror and you’ll likely find yourself a bit run down as well. A longer look will make it much harder to lie. It is the fault of the terrible children.

Tybee Island

North Beach is where you will find the historic lighthouse, and mid-beach is home to Memorial Park. No matter where you land on this whimsical oasis, Tybee Island is one of the best things to do in Savannah.

To learn more about what to do in the Savannah area, check out Beautiful Things to do in Savannah.

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