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Last updated: April 23rd, 2023 | Originally published: April 8, 2023
The Yellow Brick Road Leads to Kansas

Confession: I’ve never seen The Wizard of Oz. I’ve heard of the Yellow Brick Road, but that has more to do with Elton John.

Another confession: The only thing I know about Kansas is the famous line from the Wizard of Oz, “Toto. We’re not in Kansas anymore.”

That and they have tornadoes.

I have family history from Kansas. My mother tells a cool story where a tornado picked up my great great grandmother (as a baby) and set her down two miles from her home, uninjured. That’s pretty much my only connection to the Sunflower State. That and i love sunflowers.

The Yellow Brick Road Leads to Kansas
The Yellow Brick Road Leads to Kansas

We fasted and prayed on Sunday that The Lord would put us where he wants us to be for our next contract. To be honest, I really wanted North Carolina. There were two locations in North Carolina we could have worked the past year, but they both fell off the list in the last few months.

Washington DC also was considered. It would entail a long commute for the hubs and campgrounds are in short supply around the nation’s capitol. Not to mention the murder.

Another consideration was Parker, whom we were about to leave alone in San Antonio. I thought it would be good idea to stay within a day’s drive from home, just in case.

That left Topeka, KS and Montgomery, AL as the two available job assignments close to home.

The Yellow Brick Road Leads to Kansas

I personally would have preferred Alabama because I love historic homes and Southern charm. Research indicated it would be more humid in Alabama than it is in San Antonio or Kansas, which was a deterrent. Then Alabama fell off the list, and the yellow brick road became apparent.

It leads to Kansas.

What a shocker that the Yellow Brick Road Leads to Kansas. I guess it could have led to Oklahoma, or Elton John, but that’s just depressing.

We put in for Topeka about a week ago, and then days ticked by without word. This is a part of the process that is always uncomfortable — to not know where you’re going to live for the next few months. Just because we request an assignment doesn’t mean we’ll get it. We can hope, and pray, and weigh our options, and feel super good about a place, but the VA has to agree with those plans.

The Yellow Brick Road Leads to Kansas
The Yellow Brick Road Leads to Kansas

Our family fasted for guidance and assurance that Heavenly Father would put us where he wants us, even if it meant we were far from Parker. If it was meant to be Ann Arbor, Michigan, or White City, Oregon, then we would follow the Lord’s will and cry all the way there. I’ve learned that sometimes Heavenly Father lets us take a meandering path to where he wants us to go.

And I’m learning to trust in Him even when the path gets rough. Even when the motorhome breaks down and needs a new engine. Even when my 18-year-old wants off the road and we have to move him into our rental house and lose thousands per month. I trust in the Lord a lot these days.

Then, on last Monday — the day after our fast — the Topeka, Kansas VA called Ryan while he was hiking at Bryce Canyon. Being drunk on scenery and freedom from his family, the hubs was in prime position to blow the interview by telling them how he, “loves to wrestle his patients,” and, “acts like he owns the place the moment he arrives.” Nonetheless, he was extended a position, (which means the manager’s listening ears were turned off). So we’re going to Kansas! Hurray for us!

The Yellow Brick Road Leads to Kansas

I am at peace, and grateful for this assignment

The reality is we’re going to Kansas. I don’t think that anyone gets excited to go to Kansas, but this is where the yellow bricks lead. If Heavenly Father wants us in Kansas, then we’re just going to love us some Kansas. Who knows what awesome things he has planned for us? Dusty roads and wheat fields? Maybe an old-school Arby’s with the firepit in the dining area?

I researched a little bit to find the nearest Costco. Its an hour away in Kansas City. There’s a Super Walmart and Sam’s Club in Topeka, but we’re partial to Costco.

There’s a bakery within walking distance of our campground. The kids will love that.

And then there’s the Seattle Mariners visiting the Kansas City Royals. This has Ryan excited. Funny how he gets all frenzied to watch a live baseball game and I get worked up over Costco? He says I should get a life and stop viewing Costco as a hobby. And he’s totally right. So I found some great shoe outlets in Kansas City!

The Yellow Brick Road Leads to Kansas
“And you bought these just for the hell of it?”

And now he’s talking about Costco being so great. I wish he’d make up his mind — shop here, shop there, don’t shop. Don’t shop? Save money? He’s hilarious.

What he doesn’t understand is he either gets a boring Costco wife or a sexy shoe store wife. You can’t have the sexy Costco wife — if she exists she’s too good for him, anyway — and if he doesn’t watch his words he might get a boring shoe store wife. Wouldn’t that be fun?

It would probably kill him.

At least we agree about weekly Kansas City BBQ at Q-39!

A Yellow Brick Road or a Sheet of Banana Peels?

We're Hoff to See the Wizard
The Yellow Brick Road Leads to Kansas

My family is going to spend three months in Kansas. This is most definitely happening. Of all the fifty states I think Kansas is the last one I’d buy sexy shoes to visit. Maybe Nebraska. North Dakota? Or Vermont? I think Vermont would kick me out if I wore anything but Birkenstocks. But Kansas has to be top-5 most boring, right? Anyone have a riveting review of Kansas? I’m all ears!

Honestly, I’m looking forward to a lazy summer with trips to the lake and fishing in the campground pond. Maybe my kids will make some friends. Heaven help us, the hubs will drag us to every museum and botanical garden inside a 150 mile radius. And baseball games.

We're Hoff to See the Wizard
It looks fun, but it sounds like people yelling curse words.

I’ve leaned into the notion of a lazy summer because we are bookending the Topeka assignment with a month of Florida beach sitting and five weeks of hiking in Colorado. If we spend our summer hanging out with church friends while serving in the ward and eating massive amounts of BBQ I’m totally good with it.

I’m excited! I’ve got 7-weeks to prepare for Topeka, Kansas. It’s probably time to brush up on Little House on the Prairie. And it’s definitely time to watch The Wizard of Oz with the kids. 

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We're Hoff to See the Wizard
The Yellow Brick Road Leads to Kansas

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