Shem Creek Charleston SC: Date Night

March 26, 2022

Shem Creek in Charleston, SC is a winning choice for date night. Imagine sharing a temperate evening with the one you love — or find attractive enough to buy dinner — strolling amidst natural beauty and wildlife, watching a sunset over the ocean, and commenced with a satisfying meal.

There’s no need to overthink it. The next time you want to trick someone into liking you, bring them here and let Shem’s magic do its thing.

Salt Marsh Boardwalk

Shem Creek Charleston SC

After parking your car here (map), enjoy a salt-marsh boardwalk stroll while the sun hangs low in the sky (sunset times). We recommend you arrive 45 minutes before sunset and make dinner reservations for 30 minutes after sunset.

A gentle breeze bends the tall, yellow grass as a wooden walkway guides you and your lover across the marsh. It’s half a mile stroll to the end of the pier, but don’t worry… there are plenty of wooden benches along the way for making promises you’ll never keep.

Sunlight casts a soft, forgiving hue on everything in this perfect golden hour. Even a rusty old boat named Playboy looks inviting at this time of day.

Shem Creek Charleston SC

Salt Marshes are known for the giant birds who fish in their waters. Egrets, herons, osprey, pelicans, and others can be spotted at Shem Creek, Charleston, SC. You may be fortunate to witness some of these awesome birds in flight.

Shem Creek Charleston SC
This Egret reminds us of our son — always posing for attention.

One of the many unexpected treasures of Shem Creek, Charleston, SC is you can learn about the shrimping industry reading placards along the path. Nothing says romance like a shrimp boat education.

If you see a boat with two, tall masts raised in a “V”, you are looking at a shrimp boat. If the name of that shrimp boat is “Jeremy” you’ve found the coolest shrimp boat captain of all time.

Shem Creek Charleston SC

Before you reach the end of the boardwalk you will notice a dock on the creek you can access via a metal plank walkway. We recommend taking a short while to sit on the dock and decide which creekside mansion you like best.

Does your date prefer the large modern mansion, or the understated, classic mansion? Perhaps the fixer-upper mansion on the end? Once she’s revealed her true desires, you can realistically predict your restaurant tab.

Pelicans are out this time of night. It is amazing to watch them dive toward the ocean until they are 18″ off the water, then straighten and glide above the surface on their way out to sea.

Dolphin Sunset

When you reach the end of the pier, pause for a tender moment. Alternate gazing into the distance and into each other’s eyes. If you are lucky, a homeless guitar player will be singing and strumming something to put her in the mood.

It will probably be grunge music, something by Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, or Alice In Chains. Great stuff, for sure, but hardly sympathetic of Date Night at Shem Creek, Charleston, SC.

This is an excellent opportunity to drop a few bucks in his unwashed hat and request, “Magic Man,” by Heart. As the sun sinks beneath the ocean the two of you can listen to how irresistible you really are.

Shem Creek Charleston SC

It is a common misconception that a sunset commences when the last fleck of sun bends over the horizon. The truth is, the show is only just beginning.

As you walk back toward the highway, branch to the right when the boardwalk splits, and stroll down Shrimp Boat Lane. This will bring you back to the restaurants and the bridge that crosses Shem Creek.

Don’t forget to turn and sigh at the light show all along the way.

One of the last things you’ll do before reaching restaurant row is cross over a bridge with hundreds of locks attached to its rails. This is in similitude of the famous bridge in France, Pont des Arts, which the citizens have laden with thousands of locks to symbolize the thrill of being governed.

Here at Shem Creek, Charleston, SC the locks represent something else: Consumerism. We’ve purchased too many locks and have nowhere to put them but this bridge.

The road to hell is paved with dolled-up locks.

To some, however, it is a symbol of their passion for someone special. Try to disregard the RIP locks as you and your date get cozy romanticizing the brutal permanence of commitment.

Dinner at Shem Creek

Dinner at a creekside restaurant is a fantastic way to cap off the evening. You really can’t go wrong here, as you will have your choice of five decent to good restaurants: Tavern and Table, Water’s Edge, Vickery’s, Salt Water Cowboys, and Red’s Ice House. Also, Nico’s Oysters + Seafood is a three-minute walk away, just on the other side of the parking garage.

The Tavern and Table has some delicious options and a warm, sleek ambiance. Try to get seated in the left-hand dining room or you’ll be watching Sports Center over your date’s shoulder. And be sure to order the brisket Mac and cheese! The other restaurants are probably nice, too, but we can’t say we’ve eaten there. Click the blue links above to see the websites.

You will find that Shem Creek is the perfect place to get to know your date while taking in natural beauty, exercise, and a meal. With so much wonder around its easy to fall into comfortable conversations about life, love, hopes, and aspirations.

Maybe throw in a little neurosis for good measure, just to let them know you have a lovable sensitive side. Something like, “I can’t walk past a grandmother without wanting to hug her.” Something easy, something workable. Save the foot fetish for another night.

And if you’re feeling like everything is going great, go ahead and pop that important question. You know the one. That simple little ask that could forever change your future. You know…

“Is there a large ex-boyfriend you need to warn me about?”

Because if she says yes, then you’re in!

If you would like to read about other beautiful things to do in the Charleston area, check out our articles on Botany Bay and Atalaya Castle.

Shem Creek Charleston SC
Another bicycle stolen in the name of love.

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