Prison Parker

Last updated: February 16th, 2021 | Originally published: February 16, 2021

I was impressed that he got himself out of bed and headed to the shower. No pressure from me, which is not the norm for us. 

Parker has been on a prison kick for a while, especially prison showers and bar soap. He has a good grasp on why you would not want to drop the soap in a prison shower – we can only shield him so much. I could hear his conversation with himself as he repeatedly dropped the soap and laughed about what a bad situation he would be in if it were a prison shower he was taking. 

Prison Parker is similar to Prison Mike in The Office, only he’s autistic. His ability to land himself in prison is probably limited by my ability to contain his crazy. 

He stepped out of the shower, dripping wet on the carpet. Annoyed, I offered him a towel and told him to go back in the shower to dry off. Instead, he took the towel and gave me an excited look as he unrolled his newest idea! He’s quite the entrepreneur. 

Parker’s Prison Soap Grips. He’s pretty sure there is a market for them in prison and he’s pretty sure everyone will want one. This child was laughing and jumping at the splendor of his new idea – forgetting the towel, buck naked. 

This is my life with this child. Seeing a 15 year old naked man jumping and laughing doesn’t phase me at all. And writing this down will help put a smile on my face the next time Prison Parker makes an appearance.

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